January 19, 2021     The application is available at the CLSA website www.clsap.org.
March 12, 2021        Application deadline.  Must be submitted electronically. No paper                                                                               documents accepted.
March 12, 2021        Acknowledgment email from CLSA Manager sent to all submitted applicants                                                           on or before this date.
March 19, 2021        Scholarship Providers receive the submitted applications for the awarding                                                               process. You should frequently check the email address and voice mail                                                                       number you provided for requests for interviews and notification of awards.
April 16, 2021           Scholarship Providers announce recipients of scholarships on or before this                                                             date.
May 30, 2021            CLSA Scholarship Providers and Recipients Celebration on or before this date.                                                         (Pending COVID-19 protocols)